User Interface
Business Model

Agile Toolkit is a "Low Code Framework" written in PHP. It is designed to simplify all aspects of web application creation:

  • No front-end coding necessary (like JavaScript)
  • No Database coding required (like SQL)
  • No need for routing or worrying about POST/GET
  • No need to manually create APIs
  • No need to worry about CSS

Your ATK code instead takes a more declarative approach. You work with things like:

  • Models and fields
  • Model User actions
  • Relationships between models
  • Pages and Widgets
  • jsActions and Events

Since 2017 our collection of built-in widgets, add-ons have grown significantly and today Agile Toolkit is a mature and production ready framework.

It all has started with a "Button" though:

Button::addTo($owner, ['Hello from the button!']);
Hello from the button!